Corner block includes abandoned red brick building with boarded windows

Situated in the heart of historic Downtown Binghamton, 134 Court Street was built in 1866 during the height of the Victorian period. The building’s prominent exterior features include: delicate brick corbelling, intricate brick patterns, window arches on the North façade, and an oriel on the West façade. Originally, a decorative cornice adorned the roof, which was later removed.

Street facing view of abandoned red brick building with boarded windows
Abandoned red brick building with boarded windows

This building has fostered many different uses throughout the years. Under the original ownership of Lansing Griffing, it was used as a grocery store until 1890. The space was owned by a few individuals starting in 1891, including Rose Dorfman and William Owen, while in use as a milliner store or hat vendor called Mrs. J H Milliner Shop. Next, it was sold to Dr. John F. Place and used as several doctors’ offices. John Grace then became the new owner around 1907, when he opened a family tailor shop/cleaning business called The Grace Bros Tailors.

Upward facing closeup of abandoned red brick building with boarded windows

Between 1925 and 1943, it was vacant until it was passed down to several different owners, one of which was a real estate agent named Theodore Beagell, among other real estate agents that worked in the space. It would later be sold to another tailor named Leonardo Palazzolo in 1970 until his death leaving the building to his wife, Antonina. Recently, it was used as a church coffee shop and meeting space called The Landing Co.

Corner view of abandoned red brick building with boarded windows

On June 6, 2023, L2Properties acquired the building and relocated our architectural practice to the ground level. Our intent is to execute a phased restoration and renovation project of the building. The initial phase will focus on restoring the façade. The plan includes stabilizing the brickwork at the parapet walls, reconstruction and repointing bricks along the north and west sides, exterior painting and replacing the storefront windows along the ground level. The oriel along Centenary Street has deteriorated and is in need of a complete restoration.

Phase 2 involves transforming the second and third floors in (2) three-bedroom apartments with an open kitchen-living room concept, full bathroom and laundry space. The last phase includes renovating our architectural office. The new conference room will be positioned at the front of the building, facing Court Street. Our studio will be designed to accommodate 5-6 work stations, a small section for our material library, a full bathroom and kitchen area.

Throughout the history of 134 Court Street, there has been a diverse use of the space, including a grocery store, doctors’ offices, milliner shop, tailors, real estate agents’ offices, and meeting hall. L2Properties and L2studio architecture is proud to preserve and be a part of the rich history of Binghamton.

Closeup of abandoned red brick building with boarded windows