Renovated check-in desk of Primary Care Facility at Cornerstone Family Healthcare

Family Healthcare is a nonprofit, full-service, multi-specialty community health provider that has served the Hudson Valley for over 44 years. As part of their continual expansion driven by the desire to provide healthcare to the underserved, a partnership was struck with the Binghamton Housing Authority to create a new outpatient facility to serve the residents of Binghamton Housing Authority properties and the surrounding community.

Renovated hallway of Primary Care Facility at Cornerstone Family Healthcare
Renovated checkout desk of primary care facility at Cornerstone Family Healthcare

The project entails the complete renovation of a portion of an existing building on the Saratoga Heights campus to create the 1,815 square foot care facility, consisting of: 5 exam rooms, waiting and reception, provider offices, nurses’ station and other staff rooms.

L2studio architecture adapted the client’s program to the designated boundaries of the project while minimizing structural impact to control costs. The project involved a change of occupancy, and therefore new building separation was created to comply with building code criteria. Cooling and heating were added to augment the space’s existing heating system, and increased air changes were provided to comply with the client’s functional requirements. The richness of finishes creates a light and airy environment that projects a welcoming feel to the patients.